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Wayzata (Dakota for “North Shore”), was founded by settlers in 1854 on the north banks of Lake Minnetonka. The first railroad tracks were laid in 1867. And in 1879, James J. Hill added this rail line to his growing railroad monopoly.

Soon afterward, Wayzata became a popular tourist destination. People came from all over the midwest to see the fabled “Big Waters.” Posh Victorian hotels popped up along gas lit streets, and visitors could take moonlight cruises on elegant steam ships.

Those were romantic times, but Wayzata still has much of her original charm. Today’s visitors can stroll down quaint little streets, dine in outdoor cafe’s, and watch the sunset on Wayzata Bay.

City Offices

600 Rice Street East
Wayzata, MN 55391
Phone: 952-404-5300
Fax: 952-404-5318


Assessing: 763-473-3978
Administration: 952-404-5300
Building Inspection: 952-404-5301
City Council: 952-404-5300
Finance: 952-404-5304
Motor Vehicle Office: 952-404-5320
Planning: 952-404-5312
Public Works: 952-404-5360
Engineering Department: 952-404-5300
The Muni – Wayzata Bar and Grill:  952-473-5286
The Muni – Wayzata Wine and Spirits: 952-473-7191

Fire Department

600 Rice Street E
Wayzata MN 55391
Fire Emergency: 911

Police Department

600 Rice Street E
Wayzata MN 55391
Police Emergency: 911

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