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Tonka Bay

Tonka Bay was originally settled in 1853. Twenty years later Tonka Bay experienced a rapid growth period. Expensive cottages popped up along the shore, and in 1879 a magnificent hotel was built just across from Big Island.

The Tonka Bay Hotel boasted “all the modern conveniences,” including: long, luxurious porches; music and dancing; amateur theatricals; gourmet cuisine and steamships that left on the hour for various “exotic” destinations.

Now-days, Tonka Bay is less like a resort town and more like a cozy neighborhood. But if you know where to look, you can still find some excitement brewing.

City Offices

4901 Manitou Road
Tonka Bay MN  55331
Office  952-474-7994
Fax  952-474-6538

Public Works

Office  952-474-2947
Fax  952-474-6538
After Hours Emergency Number: 612-750-3600

Fire Department (Excelsior)


Police Department (South Lake)

Police Emergency: 911

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