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Shorewood was originally settled in 1853. It is located on the southwest shore of Lake Minnetonka. Shorewood’s close proximity to Excelsior, coupled with its rich, fertile soil and dense forests made it an attractive location for farmers and loggers.

Early photos of Minnetonka Mills show Lake Minnehaha (a sluice pond in Minnehaha Creek on the west side of the old dam) clogged with old growth trees from Shorewood and Minnetrista.

Farmland prevailed in Shorewood throughout much of the 20th century, until, in the late decades, neighborhoods began to spring up. Shorewood is now a tranquil, heavily wooded residential area with many beautiful homes.

It is a much sought after address for those searching for the best of what Lake Minnetonka has to offer.

City Offices

5755 Country Club Road
Shorewood, MN 55331
Phone: 952.960.7900
Fax: 952.474.0128


Administrator: 952.960.7905
City Clerk: 952.960.7911
Communications/Recycling Coordinator: 952.960.7906
Park & Recreation Coordinator: 952.960.7902
Public Works: 952.960.7914
Southshore Center: 952.474.7635

Fire Department (Excelsior)


Police Department (South Lake)

Police Emergency: 911

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