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Settlers arrived in Orono in 1853. It became a township 36 years later in 1889, but wasn’t incorporated until 1955. The city of Orono boasts more lakeshore than any other lakeside municipality – partly due to the fact that Big Island falls within it’s city limits.

At the turn of the last century the resort industry around Lake Minnetonka was at it’s zenith. Steamship lines ferried passengers to all points along the lakeshore. In 1906, an enormous amusement park was erected on Big Island, complete with generators and electric lights. It must have been a fantastic sight to approach the island at night with thousands of shimmering lamps and a towering lighthouse beaming across the water! Unfortunately, all that is left of this grand playground are the cement footings.

Today, Orono is an attractive little residential burgh with some interesting shops, a wonderful country club, and a world-class 9-hole golf course.

City Offices

2750 Kelley Parkway
Orono, MN 55356
Main:  (952) 249-4600
Fax:  (952) 249-4616

City Departments

City Administrator: (952) 249-4601
Community Development: (952) 249-4626
City Planner: (952) 249-4627
City Treasurer: (952) 249-4611
Public Works: (952) 249-4600
Golf Course: (952) 473-1909

Fire Department

340 Willow Drive N
Long Lake, MN 55356
(952) 473-9701 x 10
Emergency: 911

Police Department

2730 Kelley Parkway
Orono, MN 55356
Main: (952) 249-4700
Fax: (952) 476-3028
Emergency: 911

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