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“Mound City” was first settled in the year 1853. A number of colorful personalities made their homes in this remote outpost – the most famous of which was the “Hermit of Lake Minnetonka”.

This eccentric fellow, along with his brother the “Second Hermit”, owned a rustic cabin on Halstead’s Bay called “The Hermitage.” Word of the hermit’s lifestyle and penchant for collecting Indian artifacts and Civil War memorabilia spread, until ironically, his remote outpost became a popular tourist attraction.

Hermit One was eventually found at the bottom of the lake with stones tied around his waist. Oddly, it was deemed a suicide!

At the turn of the (20th) century, Mound became a popular lakeside destination. A number of hotels sprang up, along with an elegant casino. more recently, Mound has become a popular residential community with many thriving businesses.

Trivia: Mound is the birthplace of one of the most successful toy manufacturers in history – Tonka Toys. It was also the boyhood home of the singing Andrews Sisters and Kevin Sorbo from the popular “Hercules” TV series.

City Offices

2415 Wilshire Boulevard
Mound, MN  55364
Phone: 952-472-0600
Fax: 952-472-0620
City Manager: (952)472-0609
City Clerk: (952) 472-0613
Finance: (952) 472-0633
Community Development: 952-472-0604

Fire Department

2415 Wilshire Blvd
Mound, MN 55364
Emergency: 911

Police Department

2730 Kelley Parkway
Orono, MN  55356
Police Administrative Office: 952-249-4700
Fax: 952-476-3028
Emergency: 911

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