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Meet Hellmanns!

Lake Minnetonka Dog 4Hellmanns is a five year old English Bulldog owned by Lake Minnetonka area native Kim Hastreiter Croucher, who currently resides in London.  As a retired show dog, he still has an affinity for the limelight and can regularly be found cultivating his extensive following in posh East End pubs and restaurants (he even has his own Instagram page: Hellmans_official).

When not posing for selfies with adoring fans, Hellmanns enjoys reclining on the the most comfortable piece of furniture available, and waiting patiently for tidbits to drop from the high chair of his best friend, a 1-1/2 year-old toddler named Eloise.

Commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “no,” mean relatively little to Helmanns, who considers himself above such common doggy directives.

Lake Minnetonka Bulldog, HellmannsThough cheeky by nature, Hellmanns has many redeeming qualities.  He is a loving and faithful companion, and an endless source of slapstick comedy.  In addition to Kim, Hellmanns shares his East End flat with Nick, Stanley, Quentin, and Eloise Croucher.  He occasionally hops the pond to visit friends and relatives in Cottagewood on the eastern shore of Lake Minnetonka.


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